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Welcome to Urban Garden Supply

Urban Garden Supply is your source for unique raised garden beds, planters and trellises made with reclaimed and sustainably managed wood and materials.ugs-raised-bed-01-275x178.jpg

Urban Garden Supply keeps old fences and decks from the landfill and gives them new lives in your flower and vegetable gardens.

Our unique and beautiful garden structures are built from untreated cedar and redwood and will weather to a natural gray.

We can also deliver soil and install your raised beds, ready for planting, in the location of your choice. Visit our Products & Services page for more information.



We are proud to be Forestry Stewardship Council ™ FSC ® certified by the Rain Forest Alliance. All of our products are made using reclaimed wood and most are certified FSC Recycled 100%.

If you are a homeowner, builder, landscaper, deck or fencing contractor with materials destined for the dumpster, please email us or call 612.520.1720. We may be able to reclaim those materials and reduce your disposal costs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

  • • Utilize wasted space in your yard. Grow plants  almost anywhere, even on concrete.
  • • Prevent soil from becoming compacted and offer excellent drainage.
  • • Grow more vegetables in less space than a conventional garden.
  • • Allow for deeper root systems due to loose soil and depth.
  • • Contain spreading crops.
  • • Protect plants from pets and other neighborhood critters.
  • • Allow you to prepare and amend soil easily.
  • • Cause soil to warm earlier than ground soil, extending gardening season.
  • • Accommodate trellis, hoop, and cold frame attachments.
  • • Improve access for children and people with limited mobility.