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About Us

ugs-about-01-200x229.jpgThank you for visiting our website. Urban Garden Supply is a small business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our primary focus is collecting and processing building materials destined for the landfill and converting them into quality garden structures and products.

Our primary products are raised garden beds, planters, and trellises.

Our Mission: Urban Garden Supply is committed to offering beautiful, well-built and functional home and garden products made from reclaimed or sustainably produced materials.

Our Values:

  • Environmental Stewardship: We believe that environmental stewardship and sustainability start with consuming less and reducing waste. We have salvaged tons of materials destined for the landfill and given them new lives. When the time comes, our products can be recycled...or even composted!

  • Food safety and security: We believe everyone has a right to a safe and adequate food supply. We support the efforts of local government to encourage home and community gardening.

  • Family and community: As a business, we seek to promote and support the benefits of gardening for households, families and communities. We believe that it is especially important for children to be exposed to a culture of cultivation that fosters nuturing, patience, and an appreciation for the food and life that we all share.

  • Local self-reliance and empowerment: We believe in supporting local businesses, and we make every effort to partner with and obtain our materials from individuals and companies who share our values.

We look forward to helping your green garden grow.

Pete Munene, Owner

Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

  • • Utilize wasted space in your yard. Grow plants  almost anywhere, even on concrete.
  • • Prevent soil from becoming compacted and offer excellent drainage.
  • • Grow more vegetables in less space than a conventional garden.
  • • Allow for deeper root systems due to loose soil and depth.
  • • Contain spreading crops.
  • • Protect plants from pets and other neighborhood critters.
  • • Allow you to prepare and amend soil easily.
  • • Cause soil to warm earlier than ground soil, extending gardening season.
  • • Accommodate trellis, hoop, and cold frame attachments.
  • • Improve access for children and people with limited mobility.